I started in business in 1989.Just courier work for 12 years then I expanded into selling packaging products.For this reason you may be thinking that The Loading Bay is just a new idea to add to the main business but nothing could be further from the truth.
The real truth is even at school as a 14 year old I was selling photographs I had taken then when I could drive I was doing car boot sales .When I was working a normal job I was still looking at what else I could do to earn a bit extra including running a Betterware round in the evenings and having days off work to deliver phone books.I started a photographic business when I was 19 but it never produced an income and I was already in debt so sadly that had to go.The point is I have always looked for opportunities and I believe the seeds of The Loading Bay where planted as far back as my teenage years.
I came out of doom and debt in 1989 to launch my courier business and 10 years later began dabbling in selling packaging.For the next 3 years or so I was learning about products and chipping away at supply chains to get better deals.Since about 2003 the courier side of the business has remained busy despite fierce competition and the packaging side has grown rapidly currently occupying a 2000 square feet warehouse.So back to The Loading Bay.
Throughout the journey I have just briefly mentioned I have met all kinds of people in all kinds of situations and been presented with many opportunities.Computer supplies and office supplies in lieu of payments from customers,the contents of abandoned offices and storage units,end of line stock from suppliers,the list goes on.I do seem to have an ability to sell almost anything as well but the problem for me has been finding the right platform to get noticed.
Followers of me for some time will be aware of the ‘false starts’ that The Loading Bay has had over the years. Ebay, Etsy, Auction houses and more have all finished up being unsuitable for reasons I don’t want to discuss in public.Facebook is the latest 'failure' with their constant refusal to list things because of words being used.How do you list gun magazines without using the word gun?
Anyway The Loading Bay is now part of the business web site so please bookmark us and tell your friends about us.

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